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In 2001, I started to examine the Nothing with a small ephemeral installation. I collected 37 snails and put them on a blank sheet of paper to form the typography ZERO. For a couple of minutes, the written picture was at a rest, then several snails slowly sneaked away. The word ZERO, bearing the meaning of Nothing in itself, turned into a visible Nothing... this word that we use every day - although it implies such a starkly meaning: The absence of any being. 
For the human mind, Nothing is a hardly accessible and very abstract concept of great importance within the human systems. This concept appears in daily puns –  from the absence of something to questions regarding genesis of universe and being. 
However, if the question concerns Nothing, the answer is difficult. The quotation "Niemand weiß etwas über das Nichts, aber der natürlich eine ganze Menge (= "Nobody knows something about nothing, but he, of course, knows a lot") from the Wittgenstein scholar Peter Heath is more than a jokey remark.

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